Ho, Earthling!

It’s Official

Next week I say au revoir to Canada, though not permanently of course. Our paths will cross again.

I’ve already bought a bed. After struggling with the symbolism of what it would mean to own furniture again after feeling the heady freedom of saying “Everything I own is right here in my car!” for the past six months, I bought some. Well, one furniture. A bed. Surely that’s symbolic, too. A bed means comfort to me. Home. Warmth. Love.

Not just any bed: I figured that as long as I am doing this I may as well do it up right. This is MY bed. So it’s the most comfortable and not uncoincidentally the most expensive bed at the bed store, the only bed store within miles selling organic eco-mattresses. So this sucker’s a keeper. Even though six months from now may find me in India, or California, or a lot of possible places in between, I will have a bed. And it will be somewhere.

I am comforted by the thought of this bed. That and internet connectivity are really about all I need. I will be in this big house, me and my bed and my laptop and the new monitor I will have to buy and also the HDTV I will have to buy because for some reason I also signed up for cable even though I don’t really watch TV, just enjoy flipping idly through the channels. And my pots and pans. And my electric kettle and french press. And my vacuum cleaner. That’s all I need.

I have it all and next week it will be mine. There in the trees with my four skylights and my gas fireplace (propane). All I need.

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