I’m Talyaa. Go ahead, Google me. I’ll wait.

This is where I write the words that leak from my soul.

I heart the interwebs. You’re like my BFF.

Once I wrote for a lot of websites. I have bylines (under the name Karen Murphy) at Babble, SuperEco, Causecast, Imperfect Parent, and Work It Mom. Of course, the internet being the ever-changing and ephemeral thing that it is, some of those sites don’t exist anymore so you’ll have to take my word for it.

[Bio from Oracle of Destiny. In 2010 I met my Twin Flame, which led to the most intense, loving, dramatic, life-changing relationship I’ve ever experienced. Not long after we met I found out I had Stage 4 cancer, so we spent the next several years fighting for my life together.

And from my old website Wild Goddess Life: In 2008, I did the unthinkable — I left my children. That heartbreaking decision sparked within me a deep desire to take back my life, stop holding back, and to start living like I meant it. I sold everything I owned, moved 3000 miles away, and embarked on a deep healing journey. Since then I faced cancer, healed my heart and body, found my Twin Flame, and trailblazed a worldwide conversation to remaster what it is to be a woman and a mother. I transformed my life forever.]

Juxtapositioning is where I am tender. I try things on. I reach for my humanity and my not-knowingness. Juxtapositioning is where I play. Stay and watch.


  • Wishful

    I can’t do it anymore and I’m moving back to be closer to my kids. Even though I don’t believe shared custody is best for them, I can’t take the absence.

  • me

    Hugs to you. I believe that taking care of yourself — however that looks to you — is part of being a good mother. Love to you and your children.

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