Ho, Earthling!


I have a home again. At least, I left a deposit check and a lot of information about myself, and it’s my hope that it will mean picking up keys in a couple of weeks and then trying valiantly to fill a space that I already know is too big, but what the hell?

Shopping for places to live has consumed me for weeks.  Several times a day I’d comb through the offerings on Craigslist, looking for treasure. The perfect place, summed up in a paragraph and, if I was lucky, a couple of blurry photos. I hunted down property management companies and sifted through their inventory.  I saw, after a few days and certainly after seeing some places (and smelling them) in person, that my price expectations were unrealistic. That, or my taste was too expensive, but at any rate I reconnoitered and moved into a new eschelon. The hunt continued. Relentlessly. Unceasingly.

What I really wanted was to set foot in a place and feel, with all of me, the “this is it!” feeling.

Today I felt that. The place is twice the size I need and half again the price I wanted to pay, but it felt like home. I figure the rest will take care of itself.