“Living with you,” he said, “has been extraordinary. Extraordinary.” His heart filled his eyes for a moment, then became playful. “That’s a highlight for you, me saying that.”

Why yes. Yes it was a highlight, and in our morning coffee ritual the next day, feet on lap, I told him so.


1. Beyond what is ordinary or usual.
2. Highly exceptional; remarkable.

We have both lived with others. My experiences then were those of survival, maintaining, staying safe from being hurt, trying to assert control where I felt none. I wanted love but didn’t know how to ask for it. Or where to look. Or I stopped believing it was possible. I had love but it was fleeting. Or conditional. Or just muted, colorless, lifeless.

I think back now and remember exactly how I dreamed extraordinary into being. Did I do that? I hope I did. I told the universe that it was time my soulmate showed up. And then there he was, standing on a borrowed Seattle porch, and my heart said YES. This is what I said to the universe:

What I want is that beautiful, all-encompassing, glorious passionate love where we are so completely in love, so completely and utterly enthralled with one another that the merest, simplest action together (walking down the street, choosing that night’s meal-to-be at the market) is a sweet dance and an expression of that love.

Extraordinary. I HAVE that. I have all that I asked for, and more. And every day I am so incredibly grateful. I breathe it in and from this place I believe we will walk into being extraordinary, together.

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