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Yo, An Interview

You’ve been avidly following Neil Kramer’s Citizen of the Month Great Interview Experiment, right? Right?? This is where I get to ask another blogger incriminating questions and post the Q & A right here.  Then someone else asks ME questions and posts them. A long chain of awesome. I love it.

Introducing Mary Mac of Pajamas and Coffee. I spent hours stalking her. So should you. Go now.

1. So the Evil Queen is your role model. Have you ever slipped anyone a poisoned apple? More importantly, if you were to slip someone a poisoned apple, who would it be and why?

The Evil Queen is hot. The princesses are SOOOOO overrated at Disney. I’m a villain stalker when I go down to Orlando, and they aren’t easy to find, either, dammit.

I have slipped a poison apple or two over the last 15 years I’ve been a professional writer- of course, I prefer the poison PEN version. I try to keep my poison-pen-posts to a minimum (because I just end up sounding whiny and emo) but once in awhile, I serve up the green bubbly apple dippers. Because being a villain is cool like that.

2. What would it take to get you to go camping with the Schmoneys again?

Believe it or not, I go camping with the Schmoneys every year- if they invite me back after that little crapping in their woods incident. I love camping (with Jack Daniels and Slim Jims)- and plan to invest in a warm weather sleeping bag for future frozen run-ins with Mother Nature, who I totally forgive for trying to kill me.

3. If your house was haunted (and it totally looks like it should be, which is way cool) and you could choose your ghost, who would it be?

My 1881 Victorian is totally haunted. I haven’t been able to choose my own ghosts so hmmmm, cool question. Let’s see. I would want Frank Sinatra to haunt me, so he could sing “The Lady is a Tramp” and then make out with me. Also, I would want Michael Jackson to haunt me so we could do the “Thriller” dance together at my Halloween party, with the added bonus of my making tons of coin on Access Hollywood and Youtube because Michael Jackson is haunting my house.

4. Pie or cake? What kind?

Both! Any kind! But, if I’m at the bakery choosing one of each, it would be blueberry pie with red velvet cake for dessert.

5. Since you’re originally from the Philly area, when you’re headed to the beach is it still “down the shore” even though you’re now on Maryland’s Eastern Shore?

It’s always ‘down the shore,’ baby! We still go to the Jersey beaches- Cape May every year! Was born in Jersey so love me some Jersey every summer, because everyone reminds me of my grandmother and I can get a decent cheesesteak.

6. Facebook or Twitter, and why?

ooommmggg Twitter. Faster, more fun, better conversations, no Mafia or farming apps, plus my mom’s not on Twitter! I am a total Twitter addict- follow me @marymac- I always follow back, unless there is a chick giving head in your avatar.

7. Who is your role model?

Wait I thought we learned in #1 it’s the Evil Queen!

We did. My bad.

Or did you mean a non-fictional character this time? Right. Ok, well I’d say definitely Erma Bombeck- she INVENTED finding the humor in the oft-mundane everyday life of a mom- I read her columns and books growing up. I want to be like her when (er, if) I grow up!

8. Who’s in your ideal posse? (anyone — living or dead)

This is going to sound dorky, but I sort of have my ideal posse. My JavaJammers (the cool readers who come hang out on my blog PajamasandCoffee.com) are so much fun- I laugh out loud at their comments, love hanging out with them on Twitter- or in some cases- in real life! I appreciate them reading so I can write. If I could add anyone to the posse it would be Jon Stewart because I worship him on the Daily Show and I want to lick him.

9. What one thing do you want to pass along to your kids?

That writing about licking people is slutty.

No, wait, let’s see. Um, I hope I’ve been a fun mom to my 4 kids- I am definitely not THE BEST mom (my blog slogan ‘Where Mediocrity Kicks Perfection’s Ass’ applies to parenthood as well) but I love my four kids more than life itself and being a mom is my best life achievement.

10. What advice can you give to aspiring magazine freelancers who are now bloggers?

I wrote for print (newspapers and magazines) for nearly a decade before I found blogging. I prefer blogging because I have NO EDITOR! No offense to editors- I’ve been one, but they want things in their voices, while blogging is all about your voice. My advice would be stick with it, it takes time to find your readers (or is that just me? um..). Don’t get overly preoccupied with statistics and making money- those will come with time (I hope..). Just write well, don’t worry so much about ‘blogging with integrity’ (whatever the hell that means) and instead blog with honesty. My last piece of advice would be to read Pajamas and Coffee every day and tell all your friends to as well! Heh.


  • marymac

    Isn’t this great Interview thing FUN?! I love it. I just found a totally cool blog whose author I got to interview and I’m gonna put up the post tomorrow. Awesomeness. Thanks for interviewing me- hope I don’t sound like too much of a circus freakshow. Also, I hope you continue stalking me! 😉

  • injaynesworld

    Great interview and you’re right. Evil Queens are so much more interesting than those sucky, stupid princesses who inevitably end up divorced with 5 kids, living in a trailer park ,and wondering WTF happened.

    Love this experiment. Had so much fun doing mine, too.


  • admin

    Mary Mac, Dude. Your house IS haunted. I swear I looked for a post about that. Hmm, did the ghost hide it? But really, we should talk! Because my business is all about talking to dead people. Seriously. Great interview, gtw. It was my pleasure!

    Jayne, I read your interview too. It’s like a party in here!

  • Christine

    Just popped over to get the scoop on our evil queen….errr, blog mistress from PajamasandCoffee!
    I’m off to stalk your posts now…..Great interview!

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