My Brain On Crack


This is my last night in Vancouver.

Oh, come on. Not, like, EVER. I’ll be back. Sometime. But everything I own is stacked here next to me. Quite a sight! There are 7 boxes and 2 in the car already. Plus 1 more in the back with computer stuff in it, because GOD HELP ME IF THERE WAS A GOD IF I HAVE TO GO WITHOUT INTERNET. Plus some smaller boxes and some suitcasey things and 2 bottles of wine and a wooden horse statue that used to stand next to the fireplace lo these many years ago in the house I grew up in. And upstairs is a small tote bag filled with my underwear, DON’T ASK BUT SOMETIMES THINGS ARE LEFT OUT, almost.

So here I am blogging my life, because Dude. That’s what I DO. Me and zillions of other exhibitionistic narcissists. And I am thinking about the sheer joy I get from this process, of distilling small moments and then making them public. And I want to spend more time doing that.

And more time all around doing the things that are joyful.

So tomorrow I will try to get up early and then see how everything fits in the car. Yes, I chose the coldest day of the year, or close to it, for this. My fingers are cold just thinking about this. And then I move into the next phase. Still not sure how that will look, exactly. But there will be joy in it.

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  • Wade M

    Good luck with the move Karen.

    You seem to move around a bit. You gotta be pretty skilled at this whole move thingy by now. Good luck, regardless 😉 🙂