Love,  My Brain On Crack


You remember those, right? Am I giving any of my geekiness away when I say that solving quadratic equations was sort of a highlight for me, mathwise? I found a certain exquisite perfection in creating balance. Each side of the equation balances the other. Yummy.

To refresh, in case Algebra II was (cough) a few years ago for you: a polynomial is an expression of finite length constructed of variables and constants.

[What, you don’t trust my truthiness in math? Go on, Google it.]

It has not escaped me that I am involved in the creation of a polynomial. I already told you that 1 + 1 = 3, remember? Well, what does 2x + y equal? Or 2x + 2y? Or … sure, the permutations are endless here.

To be sure, this equation is all new to me. Every equation is the building of a new world. I am just really glad that the magic is returning to this one after having walked through fire. What does not turn to ash and burn away into the atmosphere is made stronger. The path ahead is still uncertain — all paths are — but is made bolder now than before.

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