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Kahuna + Akua = a Grand Love Story

About a year ago, my soulmate and I made special love names for each other. We actually did research on this. We looked at sites filled with love nicknames. We looked at sites filled with names from other countries and other traditions. Finally we found the right names.

Akua = spirit, goddess.

Kahuna = wise man or shaman.

I think we are still claiming the full power of our names. But I look at my soulmate and I see Kahuna, even if he does not see it fully himself.

This is what happened. I got cancer. I thought it healed. It didn’t and came back. Far, far worse. Terminal. And my soulmate, my Kahuna, has determined to make this his grand story. I am his grand story, he says. He has been looking for one, wanting a grand story in his life, and here it is. Kahuna is loving me into life.

I was convinced from the get go that there was destiny afoot between me and my Kahuna. I heard things. Felt things. I knew within days after we met that I loved him, even though it made no sense at all. I knew within weeks that we would live together within a few months, even though it was so soon, so early. I knew within months that soulmates are the real deal, because here was mine.

And here I am, being loved more than I ever thought possible. He is a good man, my Kahuna. He is trying so hard to be even better. This is real. We are living our story.

The thing about stories is that you can invent endless endings for them. I don’t yet know how ours will end but I know we are far, far from any ending. I plan to love my man for a very long time.

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