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Heart High

While far too much has transpired since last I wrote here, suffice to say that I am back in the sun-drenched land of Mexico, having moved (WITH CATS) now twice between countries. I am here to stay, at least until somewhere else beckons even more loudly.

But what of this heart?

Like I said, far too much has transpired. Sadness/depression, inward-dwelling, another near swipe at becoming unalive. Then: sudden clarity, deep knowing, easily making thousands of arrangements in a very short time.

Now: freedom of the spirit and heart. Love blooms where it grows.

Earlier today, a lifetime ago already, I read back to the beginning of 2011. A champion pattern-seer, I saw patterns in how I love.

I give my heart easily, freely. It is easy for me because I KNOW things inside people, and I see outcomes. I see this one and I feel it, so my heart has already expanded across the ocean.

There are, perhaps, downsides to loving this way. I say to that: it matters not. Whosoever does not wish this love, well, what can I do about that? Love heals so much, in all of us. None of us are immune to love’s balm.

And I have perhaps gleaned just enough humility in this lifetime to realize I cannot say, even with my gifts of sight and knowing, what outcomes may emerge from the receiving of such a love. I only know I share it gladly and freely.

And, strangely for me, I rest in calmness and acceptance about whatever happens next.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I wish for things and I hope they come to pass. And if for some reason yet unknown to me they do not, of course I am not immune to the sting. But the cost to me of NOT giving my heart so freely is greater than the potential hurt from having given it.

Tonight I received a shamanic treatment focused on the high heart chakra. This chakra is located above the heart, hence its name. The treatment felt sweet and profound, and by the end I had clarity on an approach to take with my own work with people.

Lead with my heart, heart high.

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