According to the Mayan calendar, February 10 begins a new 260-day cycle. That’s nine lunar months, folks. Which means that it’s a time ripe for creation, since whatever is begun now will bear fruit at the end of October.

I love marking time. Taking note. Taking stock. Tuning in. Setting intent. It feels very much to me that there is yet another beginning coming my way, perhaps not a beginning as such but a mindful intensifying. I am seeing and feeling this on many levels. I feel the future, or some potentials that haven’t happened yet that I interpret as the future, and it feels good to state outwardly what the beginnings are. What will be created as a result.

Scary, a little. Choose well! Use all your senses, all your inner gifts. And choose from that place, a place of deep dark leafmold, spongy humus, a perfect growing medium. Choose from roots sunk deep underground, ancient gnarled arms twisting down into the earth, soaking up centuries of possibility. Choose from lightness, from the breathy floaty spring gusts that sends dandelion silk wafting up, up, up. Choose from the slow movement of the stone people, who see time as an eyeblink and who breathe primordial mist through granite pores.

I already know much of what I wish to set into creation this week. It will change everything. It’s time. I have been setting the foundation for it for a long time now. Moving into a new reality. Breathing it all in now.

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