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Flight Of The Red-Tailed Hawk

Not long ago I was driving through the gorgeous mountain pass just south of my home, on my way past tall lake-fed evergreens toward a bright beckoning newness that at the time remained indistinct. Suddenly my windshield view filled with wings, feathers, talons but before my foot could lift to slam on the brakes to avoid collision, the bird swooped upward and out of view.

Brown and white. Red-tailed hawk.

I knew at the time that I had received a visitation, but didn’t yet know the character of this new energy being given to me. I still only have an inkling. Kundalini. Noble vision. Perspective. Power.

Hawk has been speaking to me. I hear her cries in the wind, telling me to watch and wait, threading forth through clouds to where the ancestors await. Hawk carries me higher, deeper, lifting me beyond the bounds of my current vision and into the wilds beyond. I’ve been feeling into what this might look like and am left with a pond, a glassy mirror that simply reflects my own heart.

Yesterday was the New Moon, and within her silvery embrace I set in motion a practice and connections that are forming a new foundation for everything that comes after. Hawk whispers into my cells, setting afire the trueness within them that blazes into pure gold light. Today I walked that path, every step becoming more corporeal and more magical, concentric gleaming circles that lift me high into Hawk’s realm. Tomorrow bears fruit of that path and that practice, and all the tomorrows to come.

Tonight as I fall toward dreamtime I will wing into the vision of What Comes Next that sleeps now in my heart, breathing higher, dreaming faster, going deeper.

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  • Ron Volkman

    It’s always a treat to read the thoughts you share – your writing always describes “movement” in such a beautiful way!

    Three days ago, on Friday, I stopped at an intersection a few blocks from my house. It was mid-afternoon in a fairly busy suburban setting. As I came to a stop, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow approach the right side of the car. A moment later, the unmistakable tail of a red-tailed hawk was flush against the right window! It disappeared quickly as she apparently turned to face out from the roof-top perch. I was somewhat stunned and looked around to see if the dozen of so other cars in the vicinity even noticed that a hawk was sitting on top of my car. The people in the car behind me didn’t seem to notice (how could they not?!) I wondered if I should get out and look, but was somewhat frozen in place trying to process what was happening here. I didn’t even ponder what I would do when the like turned green, but seconds before it did, she took off into a large nearby bush, where she appeard to become the unwelcome guest of a flock of finches. I still haven’t grasped that encounter fully, but one message has repeated a few times – “Do I have your attention now? Open your eyes!”


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