Five days. 120 hours. 7200 minutes. 432,000 seconds. Every single one sparkles. Bright diamonds dripping from rain-soaked skies.

Plans have been made and intentions cast. Five days is enough to create worlds, to transform, to move into the shifting sands of a new perspective. Five days of delicious immersion, of experimentation, of creation, of trying on some What Comes Next. Five.

Yes, it’s as if what I have been asking of the universe is appearing. Tangible. Touchable. Taking me places I never knew yet somehow always knew I wanted to go.

Today my tangible-touchable and I walked through a neighborhood, moving into and through hypothetical someday worlds. I breathed in the mossy gardens, curved stone steps, panoramic front porches, and 2nd floor lake views while imagining what person might occupy such magic. Feeling into what I need to become to create all that I seek.

Five days. Staying in the present, breathing it all in, as best I can. Five.

Maybe six.

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