My Brain On Crack


After a lifetime of feeling but not knowing (or wanting to know) what I was feeling, I am learning to do a check-in. This is what I am feeling right now:

Sad. I feel the loss of something I really really wanted.

Angry. I had expectations. Made choices based on them. Was I imagining things? Fooling myself? Did I believe in something that wasn’t there?

Afraid. Now what? I don’t know anymore. I thought I did. Today I want to try to find my foundation again, but I don’t yet know where to look.

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  • tina

    I know how you feel. Or I can tell you that i also lot custody of two children in a divorce where my lawyer didn’t even try to ask for custody. The loss is very painful. left me feeling the deception and all that comes with an instability never expected or known to me before this happend. One regrettable bit of advise from my end “Don’t turn to alcohol or rugs at all”! Don’t relax or cover any of it. Find a local church gym and bond with friends that will listen unconditionally, which is hard. But i have a couple of long term friends that usually don’t give advise. They listen. I have one friend that reas what we call her holy cards. Inspiration for the begining of almost every day for the last three or more years. We always find something to connect with out of them to turn our concerns into promisess the good Lord will keep.

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