Love,  Magical


I am poised, yet again, at the edge of something magical. Unbearably exquisite. Scary as hell. It’s not as if I was hurtling uncontrollably towards a certainty, and yet … perhaps I am. Have the stars aligned to bring something to fruition now that was perhaps begun years ago while my attention was elsewhere? Is there a way to tell?

All I can tell you is that on a regular basis, I am slipping through the veil into a beautiful new world beyond. Over and over and over, reaching new levels, new heights, feeling deliciously grateful each time for the new shared space, moving into that space seamlessly, joyfully. Over and over, deeper, farther. Exponential, amazing new worlds.

Tonight I walked a long time in the falling snow, reveling in the stillness that surrounded me. Off in the distance, closer to the bay, a muffled joyful snowplay shout, but on my block there was total quiet. I felt soft flakes brush my face with tenderness. I felt the decadent softness of sheepskin on my warm, bare feet, crunching virgin steps on five fresh inches of white. I heard the snow falling on my head, my hair. I watched the shadows of falling snow in the pool of brightness under a street light.

Up ahead, letters trod in the fresh unbroken expanse in the street: I ♥ U KITTY FUZZ. A sign? When I got home I shook half an hour of snow off my jacket, revealing a single white feather under the accumulation. A sign.

I know the third sign is around here somewhere. I can feel it. My eyes and heart are wide open.

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