• My Brain On Crack,  Send in the Clones

    Why, Yes. There It Is.

    omfg it has been busy, with little sign of let up. Twelve hour days have melted in sixteen hour days, and this parttime gig is now paying me about a buck an hour. And, oh, I should be announcing it with fanfare (we launched! last week! and the site—Super Eco—totally rocks! go see!) but sadly all I can think about is the fact that the letters double themselves on the screen and make it nearly impossible to see. Last week it was cold, and I was in Pennsylvania. It snowed there. My heart froze. I hadn’t seen three cherubic faces in seven months, hadn’t held them in seven months, hadn’t…

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  • Go Places

    OMG People Are DYING!!

    Not really. No, that’s not true. They are. I just don’t happen to know which ones. And besides, what is it they say? In one ear and out the other? No, that’s not quite right…  One door opens and another one closes. Yeah. That’s it. So when you last left our hero, he was dangling precipitously over the precipice, holding on to a leafless branch. His grip was loosening. His breath was tightening. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? Letting go. And with the letting go, the realization that Everything Will Be Okay Somehow, and that letting go isn’t a failure of some sort, and that letting go isn’t a lack of…

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