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OMG People Are DYING!!

Not really.

No, that’s not true. They are. I just don’t happen to know which ones. And besides, what is it they say? In one ear and out the other? No, that’s not quite right…  One door opens and another one closes.

Yeah. That’s it.

So when you last left our hero, he was dangling precipitously over the precipice, holding on to a leafless branch. His grip was loosening. His breath was tightening.


Letting go. And with the letting go, the realization that Everything Will Be Okay Somehow, and that letting go isn’t a failure of some sort, and that letting go isn’t a lack of some sort, and that letting go is the only way you can really fly.


So that’s what’s going on on the inside. Outside?

  • I spent close to FIVE DAYS in the weird world of Las Vegas, covering CES.
  • There was some snow.
  • And some more snow.
  • I also flew to Pennsylvania.
  • I’m still there.
  • Leaving soon.
  • The site I’ve been spending almost ALL my time working on and writing for will be LIVE day after next. Stay tuned.

So we’re cool. You?

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