My Brain On Crack

You Can Totally Die From Not Sleeping

Which is how I feel just now.  Like dying.  Or is it lying?  Lying down, to be more specific.  This “let’s wake up at 2 am and be awake for hours yet be totally unproductive at the same time” thing is getting to me.  So if my brain had a “slow” function, which it evidently does, it would be operating that way right now.  And it is.  Slowly.

Hey.  I had a thought.  Want to hear what I did this morning from about 1:30 am to 5:30 am?  Sure you do.  Here:

1.  Created a new blank page in Word and quickly downloaded the thoughts that were keeping me awake.  This was my brilliant strategy to allow me to stop thinking about stuff and quickly get back to sleep.  Let’s see how it worked, shall we?

2.  Not feeing sleepy so I crack open the very literary novel Matthew threw over at my side of the bed a few days ago:  “The Bourne Identity.”  I didn’t see the movie and I probably never will, so I’m completely unspoiled.  A Ludlum virgin.  It’s perfect reading for 3 am however because it requires absolutely no thought.

3.  Sort of wishing I was finishing “Anna Karenina” instead, but I’m sort of getting into the Bourne thing.  Wow, it’s a fast read!  I’m two-thirds done already.

4.  This book bores me.  Let’s see what’s good for sale on Craigslist!

5.  Someone is IM-ing me at 2 am?  Who could it be?  The EX??  Didn’t know he did IM.  Google Chat.

6.  It was actually a good conversation.

7.  But now it’s 3:30 and I’m tired.  Upstairs to bed.

8.  Tossing and turning and thinking abut stuff.  Good thing I can’t see the clock.  Unless I sit up and squint.  5:00-something.

9.  The phone rings at 6.  Twice. I am awake now.

Next time I count sheep.  Now where can I get some sheep?