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    100 x365 #7: Mrs. Fuller

    A five-year old kid with a sense of humor based on wordplay, I was endlessly amused by your name which also described your physique; you were not a small woman.  I’m not sure we ever had an actual conversation; my contributions tended toward raising my hand for the bathroom, a ritual I thought peculiar, and avoiding asking about the necessity of coloring shapes outlined on paper and then cutting them out with useless blunt scissors. I was too good for that place and it was a relief being told to report to the first grade room, leaving behind kindergarten forever.

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    100 x365 #5: Reed Porter’s Friend

    Fourth grade crushes are nightmares, aren’t they?  You were probably the geekiest kid in the class, you with your button-down buttoned all the way up, and your glasses.  You had the misfortune to pal around with probably the smoothest kid in the class, the one I had glimmerings of interest in.  And you had the misfortune to declare your undying like for the tallest girl in the class.  We had to do something about this.  The notes had to stop, slipped into my desk at odd moments. So we filled our purses with rocks and agreed to meet you outside.

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    100×365 #1: Karen Stasko

    I wanted to be you and I wanted to get as far away as possible away from you.  In 7th grade you called me a baby, knowing that the word would shoot straight into my soul leaving me shattered into a million pieces of shameful skipped-a-grade not-quite puberty.  You knew my vulnerabilities and you used them to wound me over and over, but I couldn’t stay away.  In 8th grade you were my 5th period best pal only because acting like you liked me kept you safe from the 2nd chair flute who would never challenge her 1st chair friend. [UPDATE: Edited to add that clearly I am not talking…

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