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    100 x365 #10: Jordache Shorts Guy

    I admit, it’s sad that I can’t remember your name.  Your shirts had tiny alligators embroidered on the chests and your shorts were much too short, even allowing for the style of the time.  They left little to the imagination; was that your intent?  You were good at ping pong, but not as good as I was.  The little smirk you wore disappeared and all that was left was the inevitable business degree you’d undoubtedly got while you left yourself behind to sit in meetings, longing to ditch your windsor-tied striped neckwear for those Izods and your tight green shorts.

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    100 x365 #6: Lish

    Two hundred plus pounds never looked so good or so beautiful; you had gorgeous curves.  You dieted, shed some self-consciousness, and got a boyfriend though your virginity was never in question (your “list” was longer than mine, actually, and yes, you kept track of every encounter, preserving them proudly on paper).  Still, I felt naked when you tried to hide your bulk behind me sometimes.  I wasn’t ready for your spotlight.  But of all the people who crowded into that year, you are the one I’d most like to find.  See, I think there’s a good chance you’re not alive.

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