My Brain On Crack


It’s an incredibly freeing thought, realizing that I have the power and opportunity right now to be anyone I want to. So much of my past was spent in being who I thought I had to be.

With the sky as the limit, who am I now?  And doesn’t defining that become yet a new limit?  Certainly changing my hair style, wardrobe, and removing a longstanding facial piercing (GASP!) are all part of the new picture I’m creating, but how much a part does the outside play on affecting the inside?  Or … is it the other way around?  My new inside is now unavoidably manifesting as a new outside.

I don’t know yet exactly where all this is heading, but change ALWAYS feels good to me, at least when it feels like I am the one creating that change.  And if a pair of black suede boots feels like change, so be it.