Go Places,  Ho, Earthling!

Notes From Down Under

So, we’re in New Zealand. Once what I imagined as a rather exotic faraway place, one not all that high up on the List of Places I Might (Hopefully) Go One Day, now it’s mundane. Almost. Here are some things I have noticed:

Pies. Every small shop/bakery/grocery stocks pies. Savory pies. With meat in them. Delicious, actually.

Coffee. Kiwis are almost as serious about coffee as Portlanders are about theirs, though I am still not quite clear as to what either a “flat white” or “long black” is. I settled for a mochaccino because a) I always order a mocha when I order coffee out (about once every 3 months, and b) I happened to know that here it’s pronounced “mock-a” instead of “moe-ka.” Score.

Money. Colorful. Looks a lot like Canadian money, though the pic of the Queen needs updating. Also flossing. Two-dollar coins? Yes, please! (When will the U.S catch up on this?)

Accent. I can’t imitate it. We did fly in an “ear”plane to get here, though. Haven’t quite got the rest of how the vowels flow.

Drive left. Unless you like driving into oncoming traffic. I’ve driven left in Ireland and Scotland, and it’s somehow much easier on those two-lane lanes than it is navigating the endless roundabouts here, but as I have yet to actually get behind the wheel it’s hard to say.

Weather. It’s summer here. I am liking that very much. Not too hot, either.

Potato chip flavors. Chicken. Lamb and mint. Prosciutto and Brie (that last sounds good but I am definitely trying Chicken because it’s so popular here).

Bikes. There’s a place that sells bikes for $20, and you can sell it back to them for $20 when you’re done with it. The pedal fell off of Matthew’s bike and my rear tyre is flat again this morning and my hands were black when they left the handlebars and only maybe 3 of the 10 gears work, but $20!

Economy. The kiwi dollar is a little more than fifty cents for me, which makes those $8 bottles of wine look pretty good.

Sheep. Yes.

Work. And yes, I am still very much working over at Super Eco while we are here (for 24 days!). Go see!