• Write Like You Mean It

    You Know Something’s Wrong When You Never Even Check Your Stats Anymore

    Or write a post.  Or sleep. In addition to my regularly-scheduled activities, I’ve been writing content, editing, and designing a website. Which is technically “up” except for a major bug, so I’ll hold off on the announcement.  But I poured my heart and soul into this thing.  And Matthew spent the last two months doing all sorts of techie things in its creation, things that I don’t even know the complexity of, but doing them consumed all his time. And he is very very good at what he does, and is about 1000 times faster doing anything connected with a computer than I am (except Twitter. Twitter is totally my…

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  • Blame Canada,  My Brain On Crack


    I have this habit of taking on too much.  I have an idealistic mind—let’s call her Bertha, shall we?  Big Bertha—and it often tells me things that don’t end up being quite true.  Bertha tells me I can do anything, that I don’t need sleep (much), that I can get things done four times faster than I actually do them.  Bertha gets me in trouble some days. But I can’t quite seem to let go of Bertha.  When she’s telling me things, it feels awesome.  Like I *can* do anything.  And not needing sleep, why, who needs sleep?  We can all do with less sleep; we’d get way more done…

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  • 100x365

    100 x365 #12: Steve J.

    The question is this: does the fact that I also dated your brother (though not simultaneously—I have standards, you know) have anything to do with your sudden and completely unexpected urge to get me to go with you (I had to drive) to a Yes concert?  And did my attendance with you at said Yes concert—which is remembered hazily, if even at all—entitle you to a front-seat over-the-gear-shift condom-fumbling session in my 1973 Honda Civic? I say nay.  And afterward I couldn’t look you in the face, so that pretty well ended the dating.  If you could even call it that.

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  • Send in the Clones

    This Is Totally Going To Rock

    I’ve been writing for Work It, Mom! for over a year now, and I’ve seen the site go through a wonderful transformation, finding new voices and more voices to add all the time.  It’s really a great resource for moms—and all parents—who work, and I’m pleased to be a part of it. I originally pitched an idea to Nataly, the CEO of WIM, and she loved the idea and we looked at ways to make it work, make room for it, etc.  The site was going a slightly different way at the time so she offered me a place there as a blogger writing about spiritual stuff, finding your peace,…

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  • My Brain On Crack,  Time Machine

    Blame The Blue-Haired Witch

    [warning:  standard “I haven’t blogged for a long time and this is my lame apology slash explanation” is forthcoming.  Scroll down to the good stuff.] Benign neglect, that’s what we’ll call this, shall we? Oh, and my x365 project is going to take me three or four years at this rate, isn’t it?  Sort of negates the whole “posting daily” idea.  Oh well.  I’ll still continue them.  Hacking away until they’re exactly 100 words has been rather fun, and certainly the trips into the recesses of my memories have been interesting. When I was nine I was in the 4th grade.  Do the math a minute; I need to point…

  • 100x365

    100 x365 #11: Mossy Teeth

    Pardon me for using that nickname; you probably were never aware of it.  You were … enthusiastic.  About a lot of stuff.  Catching criminals, the high price of ball cocks (that always made me smirk), the terrible way the landscapers treated the grass.  We worked together for over a year.  Because of your willingness to parse the price of ball cocks, I got promoted and lots of good press for knowing how to put together a budget. Did you ever get to be a police officer?  Or are you still stuck in a loveless marriage, plunging apartment toilets and changing locks?

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  • Blame Canada,  Send in the Clones


    Yes, I’ve been busy. I’ve been doing this. And I’ve been doing this. And also I’ve been spending hours a day writing for the upcoming supersecret website I can’t tell you about yet. Except that it’s related to this one. Also, I haven’t been at home for awhile. Matthew and I have been traveling. Yay for traveling. *Cough*. I went to a spiritual workshop thing, where I manned the recording device. Like they really needed someone to do that (push “record,” push “stop” at the appropriate times—really difficult and oh so technical), but I was grateful to be there and I am sure I got something out of it. Not…

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  • 100x365

    100 x365 #10: Jordache Shorts Guy

    I admit, it’s sad that I can’t remember your name.  Your shirts had tiny alligators embroidered on the chests and your shorts were much too short, even allowing for the style of the time.  They left little to the imagination; was that your intent?  You were good at ping pong, but not as good as I was.  The little smirk you wore disappeared and all that was left was the inevitable business degree you’d undoubtedly got while you left yourself behind to sit in meetings, longing to ditch your windsor-tied striped neckwear for those Izods and your tight green shorts.

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  • My Brain On Crack

    You Can Totally Die From Not Sleeping

    Which is how I feel just now.  Like dying.  Or is it lying?  Lying down, to be more specific.  This “let’s wake up at 2 am and be awake for hours yet be totally unproductive at the same time” thing is getting to me.  So if my brain had a “slow” function, which it evidently does, it would be operating that way right now.  And it is.  Slowly. Hey.  I had a thought.  Want to hear what I did this morning from about 1:30 am to 5:30 am?  Sure you do.  Here: 1.  Created a new blank page in Word and quickly downloaded the thoughts that were keeping me awake. …

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